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Video describing the AbrasiveNow Brush Sanding solution

Save up to 80%!

We provide the most cost-effective solution regarding high-quality abrasives and brushes for brush sanding machines. With our detachable solution, you will be able to save your brushes up to five times!

No more wasting brushes!

With the detachable AbrasiveNow solution, you will be able to reuse brushes up to five times. You simply detach the brush and only replace the abrasive. Our brushes are made from Tampico natural fiber, which is unsurpassed by any plastic alternative on the market. The unique qualities and outstanding durability of the Tampico fibers enable reuse without a drop in performance. No more wasting brushes!

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Number of uses for brushes

Only 3$ per meter

The most cost-effective brush sanding solution on the market with highly price-competitive, quality-coated abrasives from Deerfoss and Paco. The premium abrasives ensure a perfect finish and a long lifetime. We make our abrasives in exactly the length you need - at no extra costs. AbrasiveNow’s innovative, detachable solution, at 3$ per meter, allows massive savings of up to 80%!

We ship worldwide!

We have partnered with DHL Express to guarantee fast air delivery no matter where you are located in the world. We produce your order within 7 days in our factory in Bangkok, and you will receive it in no less than 5 days after with our express services. For big-volume orders, you can inquire for a sea-freight quotation to lower your costs even further.

Order Configurator

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Aluminum Oxide (AO) and Aluminum Oxide Electro Coated (AOC) for Brush Sanding


We offer two different types of abrasive: Aluminum Oxide (AO) and Aluminum Oxide Electro Coated (AOC).

  • AO is for wood/pre-sanding before stain, primer, sealer, lacquer etc.
  • AOC is for sealer (intermediate) sanding.

Please select wood sanding (AO) or sealer sanding (AOC) below:

Graphic indicating the length of a brush sanding (Abrasive) strip


If you have more than one length, you will be able to make more configurations in the shopping cart afterwards.

1 inch = 25.4 mm

Please select the length of your current abrasive strip in mm. below:

Video teaching about the height of the Abrasive


The height of the brush is determined by the depth of the profile you wish to sand.

  • If you have flat products or products with profiles no deeper than 10 mm., please select 46 mm.
  • If you have products with profiles deeper than 10 and up to 25 mm., please select 61 mm.

We do not recommend brush sanding profiles deeper than 25 mm. due to the risk of oversanding the top.

Please select height 46 or 61 mm. below:

Image indicating the difference in grit on our abrasives


Grit determines the roughness of the abrasive.

For wood sanding we provide Grit: #120, #150, #180, #240, #320 and #400

For sealer sanding we provide Grit: #240, #320, #400 and #600

  • Use only one grit per sanding unit (Wheel).
  • Combine grits if you have two or more sanding units for the best effect.
  • To ensure maximum fiber removal, don’t skip grits.

Please select desired grit(s) below:

OBS: Please select a type of sanding first!

Video teaching about the cut of the Abrasive


We provide four different cuts: 3, 5, 10 and 20 mm.

  • Cut 3 and 5 mm. are for products with narrow profiles.
  • Cut 10 and 20 mm. are for flat products or products with profiles wider than 10 mm.

We recommend using two or three cuts in each wheel.

  • For flat products, or products with wide profiles, we recommend this combination: 5, 10 and 20 mm.
  • For narrow and deep profiles we recommend this combination: 3 and 5 mm.

Please select desired cut(s) below:

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