AbrasiveNow - Belt Sanding

We provide quality

We only use the best type of sanding cloth from AbrasiveNow, which is usable with all types of belt sanders and edge sanders with any type of backing. We use American tape and Japanese glue for our butt-joints (T-joint) for all of our belts to ensure that we leave no marks on your product.

We are reliable

We supply some of the largest factories within the industry who manufacture for companies like IKEA, Walmart and various Danish design houses. They use us because we are reliable and they do not have time for late deliveries and unstable quality.

We are cost-effective

With AbrasiveNow sanding belts you can say goodbye to unreasonably expensive prices. Our fully automatic setup allows us to cut costs compared to all the middlemen in the industry who take their share before the products land in your hands.

Get in touch

To get a quote on your sanding belts please send us your exact sizing, backing and grits. We will briefly quote you a price and send you a sample for your own testing. We always operate with the principle, that if you do not like the products we will refund your money with our "money back guarantee".