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Picture of our factory

About Us

AbrasiveNow Co., Ltd. is a Danish-owned company. We produce high quality abrasives and brushes for brush sanding machines.

We aim to provide the most cost-effective brush and belt sanding solution, with highly price-competitive, quality-coated abrasives from Deerfoss and Paco. Our detachable solution makes it possible to reduce the consumption of sanding brushes fivefold. We estimate that most companies will be able to save up to 80% using our solution.

AbrasiveNow is determined to provide an easy ordering experience with our complete online shop. Order within minutes and receive your order shortly thereafter. With our intuitive Order Configurator that acts as a step-by-step guide, you can quickly find the right abrasives and brushes for exactly your needs! Reorder, reconfigure, and view all your invoices right from your profile.

We manufacture our high-quality abrasives in our factory in Bangkok. Our effective production equipment ensures the best quality in a timely manner. We ship all orders within 7 days.

The AbrasiveNow brush sanding system can be used in many hubs such as the ones offered by Flex-Trim™, Slipcon, Alpha Brush, Smart-Flex etc. and our belt sanding system is amongst the most cost-effective solutions on the market.

Our Team

Martin Lambertsen
Jens Olsen
Kasper Madsen
Jamjuree Srisen
Assistant Manager
Jeppe Madsen
IT Manager